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Our Initiatives

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The Global Trade Alert offers timely public inventory for trade and industrial policy. Created in 2009, the Global Trade Alert is a free, independent, official-source-based record that tracks policy developments in 60+ countries covering trade in goods & services, FDI and labour.

The Digital Policy Alert (DPA) is the world's first public inventory of digital policy developments and regulations. This free database covers policies related to artificial intelligence, data rules, content moderation, competition, taxation and more.

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Capacities for Trade Policies (C4TP) programme offers developing country officials tailor-made workshops and dashboards to easily access information on trade policy dynamics. Seed-funded by the Swiss government, this program ensures that developing country can make their voices heard through active participation in the World Trade Organization.  


NIPO, the New Industrial Policy Observatory is the world's preeminent repository of corporate subsidy awards from the world's top economies. NIPO’s aim is to help governments and companies better understand evolving policy dynamics so they can tailor their decisions for a new era of unilateral trade and investment policies.

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