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Support international openness through enhanced policy transparency.

Our Mission

The St. Gallen Endowment counters economic nationalism by creating transparency in international economic policy. Without timely, accurate information and analysis of policy developments around the world, governments are flying blind and have taken a wave of poorly designed actions. By providing timely facts, rigorous analysis, evaluating alternative ways forward, and actively engaging with businesses, governments, and civil society, the St. Gallen Endowment has become a valued independent partner to those with a stake in the world trading system.

Our Creed

Our families and societies benefit from an open, global economic order. The importance of this openness rises in the face of the 21st century’s mounting challenges, as no society acting alone can solve climate change, digital transformation, ageing, or economic resilience. Given that no nation will have the best solutions to all of these pressing imperatives, ideas, data, technology, people, investments, as well as goods and services must flow across borders. Yet, exactly when there is a heightened need for an open international order, its historic guardians lack the strength to defend it, while its enemies are emboldened by global crises and thrive on misinformation.

We believe that globalisation can be better managed to produce more balanced outcomes and we are determined to play a constructive role in informing deliberations by governments, businesses, and civil society to make that happen.

“What gets measured gets managed” is Peter Drucker’s famous dictum for making progress. Because we want globalisation to be better managed for the benefit of all, we will reconceive how government policy is measured, democratise access to that information so that more effective policies can be identified, and advance policy initiatives so that international commerce is a stronger engine of human progress in the decades to come.  

By combining policy expertise with ever more novel ways to acquire, enrich, and analyse information, we have become the trusted, impartial source for many who need to know what governments are really doing to global commerce. As well as nurturing a pioneering team capable of adapting quickly to our unsettled world, we engage with individuals and organisations that respect our independence and share our core objectives and values, including ensuring that the millennium-old human imperative to trade remains a force for good as societies tackle the pressing challenges of the 21st century.

Our Initiatives

The St. Gallen Endowment for Prosperity Through Trade is a charitable non-profit based in Eastern Switzerland and has an impeccable track record as a truly independent and neutral policy observer. Currently, it has four high-profile initiatives (found below or visit Our Initiatives page).

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